Do you have a LIFE?….

Lunch with my girlfriend…Evelina Galli-“I have Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,Yahoo! MSN,Skype,WhatsApp,…”

-“Seriously?!!!…Do you have a LIFE?”

-“OMG! NO ! Send me the link ! ”

Evelina Galli

19 thoughts on “Do you have a LIFE?….

  1. Totally brilliant! The sad angle, I AM actually surprised to note that someone has not yet tried to steal that little word for yet another social media channel.

  2. Hilarious! The very fact that you’re out and about having lunch with an actual human being shows that you, in fact, DO have a life! Even if it’s all changed since social media took over. I wonder what life (online & offline) will be like in 10, 20 years’ time……?? Best wishes, x

    1. We are going to live in the “Matrix” movie…Yes it is an actual lunch…but when ordering food I do consider what will look best on the Instagram !…lol..kidding…

    1. …made me warm 🙂

      …Give me your lows, I’ll take you higher

      Give me everything, and double your return

      You say you like it hot, well I’m about to burn

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