Latest Discovery…

It started as a normal day …with breakfast with my best friend Coco…Evelina Galli

everything started very calm and peaceful …

Evelina Galli

..then we decided to have a morning stroll and check out some stores nearby and unexpectedly stepped into this “Little Wonderland!”Evelina Galli

…where we were welcomed by the most extravagant fashion designer I have ever seen in my life!…he even outdid Mr. Karl Lagerfeld who I thought was the number one Mr. Extravagant, with his entourage of 20 young guys dressed in Dior Homme suits and a little fan in his hands…

Peter Lai Evelina Galli

Chinese mask, mink hair, Top hat…black Steve Jobs worthy turtleneck and David Yurman silver chain…

Peter Lai Evelina Galli Coco Asper

…fabulous Mr. Peter Lai with my friend Coco Asper in his Pasadena shop…

Peter Lai Evelina Galli

this is “crystal” pleated Opera Wrap..(he also performs as a Kabuki dancer in his free time…even performed at Hollywood Bowl alongside Yoko Ono)

…Mr. Lai was born into the family of Chinese theater clothes manufacturers in Honk Kong and for the first 10 years of his career he was working there in the TV world as a costumer …which explained his taste for drama.

…and he let us try some of his hats and clothes..

Peter Lai Evelina Galli

Peter Lai Evelina Galli

Evelina Galli  Coco Asper

…so that was my morning breakfast adventure 🙂

Evelina Galli

Wasn’t Peter Lai amazing?




2 thoughts on “Latest Discovery…

  1. What a treat that must have been, I have to say im a tad jealous of your breakfast. As always your stunning in everything, thanks for sharing your adventures.

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