Peacock Fashion…

Who said men don’t care about fashion?

These “peacocks” will prove you wrong anywhere on this planet!

GInglesedetailweb img_1429-1 tumblr_mks01snjfV1qd8hm0o1_500 tumblr_mm6kxhCPba1qd8hm0o1_500 IMG_1683 img_1715 redflwr


8 thoughts on “Peacock Fashion…

  1. I think a lot of guys over here in London have very good dress sense, whether it is smart or casual, a lot of guys here (I guess within a certain age range) are not afraid to experiment with colour and cuts. Great post!

  2. Great post.Feeling good inside is been reflected on the out side.Fashion and modern trend make life more beautiful.jalal

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