Fashion Recycling!

It’s always interesting to watch how fashion recycles itself. This year can be heralded as the Rudi Generic’s year. His design interpretations appear in companies from Louis Vuitton, Agent Provocateur to Nasty Gal…high and low everyone wants Rudi Generic’s masterpiece!



Rudi was a creator extraordinaire having pioneered such pieces as monkini…topless swimsuit, no bra bra…color blocking ..chain dresses…sailor dresses…he was “the most way-out far ahead of his time designer in the US” as Time magazine described  him in their 1967 issue.


I feel so proud ..I won the Rudi Generic award for one of my swimsuit designs back in college 🙂

He is a genius. He was actually one of the first ones to shoot a fashion video and to collaborate!…Majority of his work is done with Peggy Moffitt  (his muse model and collaborator) and William Claxton as the Photographer  …



4 thoughts on “Fashion Recycling!

  1. I guess music and fashion follow the same trends. Recently I heard Bob Marley’s ‘Is this Love’ remade and I thought to myself ‘Is nothing sacred?’ Looks like fashion needs a creative injection as well!

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