Even Me…

After I wrote the last post about Fashion Recycling and Rudi Gernreich I came across one of my photos from the older posts…And what do you think?

The swimsuit that I am wearing in this picture is also inspired by Rudi’s swimsuit design!


The OG worn by Peggy Moffitt

Evelina Galli

..and yours truly  …

Isn’t it interesting how fashion periodically comes back?

Why do you think that is?




10 thoughts on “Even Me…

    1. Might be..60es produced too many ideas !…so now we can just keep recycling !..lol

      My theory is …that designers remember what their parents were wearing when they were kids and were looking at their stylish moms and dads , and wanted to grow up and wear the same things,… so when they design they think those are the coolest clothes ever!

  1. Fashion I think like most trends tends to recycle its self out of need. The majority of people wont wear the “big or high fashion” desgns so every 2 gererations you see repition trends either based on nostalgia or the simple fact that people forgot about it and it came back with a slight tweek and we called it new. And you btw look amazing in that suit.

  2. Years ago an older woman told me to take care of my clothes and never throw any away unless they are destroyed. That way I’ll get to a point where I never have to buy clothes again, because they’ll keep coming back around. Wish I’d listened to her, but who has the space to store all that!
    Lovely swimsuit, and you wear it well!

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