My CRUSH: Peggy Moffitt!

Universe definitely has a sense of humor!…

In my last 2 posts I was writing about Rudi Gernreick’s designs and his Muse and collaborator Peggy Moffitt, and how relevant those designs look for today’s fashion scene…

Over the week-end I got invited to the CRUSH magazine party at The Standard Hotel.

Evelina Galli
Driving to The Standard hotel..

and who do you think I met there?….You’re right, Ms. Peggy Moffitt!

She looks as fabulous and hip today as she looked 50 years ago…amazingly graceful and  with an incredible fashion sense.

Evelina Galli
Peggy Moffit wearing Rudi Gernreichs’ design
Evelina Galli
Doesn’t she look amazing?…All those young guys worshipped her 🙂
Evelina Galli
Peggy Moffitt with a friend

She is living proof that Style is timeless!

We love you Peggy!


10 thoughts on “My CRUSH: Peggy Moffitt!

      1. “Goddess and the pet” lol. It’s a feminist version of “beauty and the beast” lol. If somebody will write ANYthing with that title, I will buy the book for sure 😀

      2. Tnx, Benjamin, I’m well. I was silent, but I’m on from 5am to 10 PM every single day (big brother is watching 🙂 ).
        BTW1 me and Evelina always speak about you and your art.
        btw2 I like your art and want to ask our community to check out your blog
        and see my favorite- your self-portrait

        Tnx again!!!

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