Future of the Fashion Shows

After watching a sneak peek to the new documentary by James Franco about  the Gucci Company, I have realized that fashion shows as we know them would die out pretty soon…

Companies spend so much money producing these crazy fashion shows, putting up the best lighting, securing the best venues, best models, best PR firms and hoping that photographers/videographers will catch the best shots of their clothes at the best angles, and publish fabulous pictures.


Well it is not often the case …photographers might not catch the best shots, models might fall, videographer might have a terrible angle, show might get overcrowded and the fire marshal might stop the show, rain might fall and people won’t show up, so on and so forth …and all that effort might go unnoticed!


I think what fashion houses should do is have great videos and photo shoots with their own photographer and videographer and then present to the world just pictures and videos shot perfectly well.

It might generate much more interest because of the air of exclusivity that surrounds it…


I actually do like Fashion Shows…they are great!  They have beautiful models, stylish attendees, great buzz, amazing networking place, and fun, fun, fun…

But lately, the more and more I see a regular catwalk, I can’t help but wonder …for how long?

Evelina Galli


19 thoughts on “Future of the Fashion Shows

  1. Interesting! I think that shows will change, maybe stray a bit but I don’t believe they will die. Sure boundaries will be pushed but I think they’ll only get better. It’s like theater and there’s still a huge worldwide audience for that. Great post, definitely made me think about it!

  2. Great topic for a post. I had some students suggest writing essays on child fashion shows, which are completely over the top. Near the same time I was assigned to do a story on a Duck Tape fashion show. The models weren’t so mannequin perfect, and the clothing was just about as unlikely to be useful to 98% of the world…but it was unique. Strange world unto itself. Good work.

    1. Thank you , I think as you mentioned original fashion shows are a unique theater like experiences, reminds me of performance art shows ..child fashion shows must be cute ..

  3. Impressive! It certainly takes alot of money towards production, but as anything cyclic goes it always wants to revolutionize itself. I don’t believe fashion will die out because it stimulates economic growth by giving people things to do. Although very extreme, hey it sure does pay someone’s mortgage.


  4. I don’t think they will die. These are events to be seen at and there is nothing like the live energy of an audience to create an experience that people talk about.

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