Plaza Hotel and the Roaring 20’s

Plaza Hotel and the Roaring 20’s

Finding an empty cab in the New York rain was a godsend!


…it  took me to the Plaza hotel, a perfect place to have an afternoon tea with small sandwiches and sweets…


We don’t need a lot for happiness!..a hot cup of tea and a pleasant environment can always do the trick .

The Plaza Hotel is such an icon of New York! From little Eloïse to the Great Gatsby…


Both of those themes were prominent at the Plaza…from the little Eloïse shop to The Great Gatsby inspired cocktails and food on the menu…


One of the best chocolate shops in NY is located downstairs at the Food Market, and as a chocolate addict, I had to have one!


The whole atmosphere was very decadent and very 20’s  which made me wish that I had lived during those Roaring times and dressed like a Flapper girl at the Great Gatsby’s parties!


I wish, I wish 🙂


See you soon!


Refuge at The Sex Museum…

Refuge at The Sex Museum…

The only day I had to go to Manhattan, the universe decided to send uninterrupted rain on that little island…


Without even considering to check the weather report I ran outside, and by the time I was in Manhattan it started drizzling…

After I finished my meeting and went outside  it was pouring!..


No umbrellas for sale, no cabs,.. could not even figure out which way I needed to go…

Finally I saw this warm and beautiful gallery and I started glowing with happiness!

I finally found my refuge!!!

Being warm, not soaking under the rain and looking at the art… what can be  better?


Then as my excitement subsided I started noticing some strange-looking sculptures but thought… It is today’s art! That’s what it is…


After seeing too many of them I looked up and read the sign, which said: THE SEX MUSEUM…


Well going back outside was not an option: the rain was crazy… I had to explore the museum.


It cost around $20 and as you enter you can hear strange sound effect … which is probably natural, given where I was… It was a strange marriage of Animal Planet and 50 Shades of Grey… very unexpected indeed…


(to be continued)


Finding Peace in New York?!

Finding Peace in New York?!

Who knew that you can find an Inner Peace in New York?! …

I had to fly to New York on a business trip and surprisingly enough I have discovered the secret to my  Inner Peace. It was a surprising since it happened from doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING .

Evelina Galli

In my normal life I always try to use my time very efficiently by constantly doing something…even standing in  line at the Whole Foods store I am trying either to read a book on my phone, catch up on my emails, check out new images on Pinterest,..or just plain dive into Facebook...without even realizing that it comes with a price tag: losing touch with the reality, not REALLY seeing our surroundings, not feeling the moment and not smelling “the famous roses.”


After a long flight I sat down for a cup of coffee with my friend, and while she was finishing some work inside the house I experienced the most magical moments in my life!

pc2I saw the sky.. I saw the water… the flowers.. birds… felt the smell of aromatic coffee mixed with the smell of the forest and earth… and not on Pinterest!.. in 3-D !… just because my phone batteries were dead!


Ten minutes of just observing, sensing, smelling, feeling made it the most incredible meditation experience ever!…I did not care about fighting my thoughts trying to focus on my breathing… I just was NOT thinking and was just BREATHING and looking and LIVING!…How great it was to just be and do nothing!


This DOING NOTHING experience was so amazing that I decided to do it regularly… do nothing for at least 10 minutes each day and REALLY see, feel, smell and experience my surroundings! … Living in the present and finding an inner peace like no meditation experience can give me.

Have you ever tried to DO NOTHING?

Midsummer Daydream…

Midsummer Daydream…

One month of summer is almost over, I did not even have time to fully enjoy it, was so busy with work. So I have made a MUST list today, before the beautiful summer is over.


1. Travel as much as possible near and far…

2. Visit Farmer’s Market weekly, make juices every day…

3. Watch Movies Outdoors..

4. Visit Summer Time Concerts.


5. Have long dinners with friends (with no phones close by)

…will need to come up with more. What are your ideas?

Room with a View ….

Room with a View ….

Summer asks for pleasure. One of the simplest ways to add more pleasure in our days is to dine in a restaurant with a scenic view. In LA you can find some amazing views for dinner, lunch or even a simple coffee.

Today I’ll present you my 5 favorite places with amazing views, if you decide to visit LA 🙂

1. Number one would be WP24 by Wolfgang Puck, very chic, very formal, maybe a bit too business like, but with breathtaking views of Downtown Los Angeles. There is also a nice lounge area if you’re just in the mood for  drinks.


2. Yamashiro... The name speaks for itself: it is a Japanese restaurant, where waitresses are  wearing  Japanese kimonos. Amazing views from Hollywood Hills, where it’s nestled. Food is ok, but has a cute inside garden and… Farmers Market every Thursday night from 5-9pm!.. You can’t beat that!

Evelina Galli

3. The Ultimate Favorite: The Perch!  3 words: Too Much Fun!


4. Soho House…this is a private club, so to get in, you need to go with a member or become a member if you can get a referral and you’re part of the artistic community… very who knows who Hollywood :)… West Side views, great at nighttime.


5. I feel this one is a “secret spot,” not very well-known: The Castaway. It has a very 80’s cozy feel, very warm ambiance and scenic  views of everything: Downtown, Hollywood, Mountains and if it is a clear day, even the Ocean…


Did this entice you to visit LA ?

P.S….and NO!… The State of California or above mentioned restaurants did not pay me …or give free dinner gift cards…or shoes for that matter 🙂

Just kidding. Hope I’ll see you soon!



Falling in love in the Springtime Paris…

Falling in love in the Springtime Paris…

Evelina Galli Collection

It is amazing ,what you can find in the old archives!…I have discovered my very first collection that I made from  Burlap and Silk yarn…as a 16-year-old student in design school.

The only cheap fabric that I could find was Brown Burlap (It is the material that potato sacks are made of), but since Brown is NOT my favorite color (at least for clothes)…I’ve bleached it and  amazingly it turned into this soft, cream color fabric that was very pleasant to touch and had a silky sheen to it.

Evelina Galli Collection

At that time I was also really into crocheting, so the only embellishment I have used was the crochet pieces from the silk yarn.

Evelina Galli Collection

The shape  inspiration for this collection was the Period of the Renaissance and The Mood was Falling in Love in the Springtime Paris…somehow made perfect sense for me at that time…

Evelina Galli Collection

These pictures were my very first pictures taken with a professional camera with film. I was so excited!…I can’t find all the shots, but still happy to find these.

Evelina Galli Collection

The scene was a rooftop of the hospital where my friend was working, I really liked the color of the stones and blue of the sky…

Evelina Galli Collection

…Models were very sweet and were trying to help me as much as they could,

Evelina Galli Collection

didn’t even mind smoking and drinking their soda, while sitting on the roof.

It still is my all time favorite collection…because it was the first and made with love 🙂


Till next time,



Black Magic :)

Black Magic :)

For Father’s Day I was looking at a lot of old pictures to find my Dad’s picture and surely I came across the old photographs that made me laugh!..

This one was particularly funny…

In this picture  I am interviewing David Copperfield (during New York Fashion Week)  and totally looking above his head, while he is trying to hypnotize me with his intense gaze!…

I am really glad I didn’t vanish into thin air after such intense experience! …I need to look more often at my old pictures!..

Do you ever look at your photo archives, or is it all in digital storage?

Evelina Galli David Copperfield

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads!

I have best memories of my dad,who was an amazing artist  but would dedicate less than 1% of his time to his talent.

Most of the time he was busy working on his business. I actually took his first name as my Pen Name; Galli ( from Galust, his full name).

GalliFortunately right before he passed away he made a series of paintings reviving old Armenian “Illuminations” from Medieval Bibles.

Illumination painting by Galli

He made 33 of them (the age of Jesus Christ), and all of them look absolutely stunning!

Here I am posting 2 of the paintings and maybe someday I will organize an exhibition of his work, to let public see all that beauty.

Painting by GalliHappy Father’s Day to all Dads! Make best memories for your kids!