Happy Father’s Day to all Dads!

I have best memories of my dad,who was an amazing artist  but would dedicate less than 1% of his time to his talent.

Most of the time he was busy working on his business. I actually took his first name as my Pen Name; Galli ( from Galust, his full name).

GalliFortunately right before he passed away he made a series of paintings reviving old Armenian “Illuminations” from Medieval Bibles.

Illumination painting by Galli

He made 33 of them (the age of Jesus Christ), and all of them look absolutely stunning!

Here I am posting 2 of the paintings and maybe someday I will organize an exhibition of his work, to let public see all that beauty.

Painting by GalliHappy Father’s Day to all Dads! Make best memories for your kids!


7 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Beautiful Paintings! How fortunate that he turned his talent to these pictures – sorry you lost him! How nice that you loved and liked your father!
    Happy Father’s Day!

    1. Hi Elephant!
      Everyone who interacted with him liked him ,he was kind,generous, creative and with a great sense of humor: true “people’s ” person. Thank you for your kind words, happy father’s day to your Dad!

  2. Your Father’s painting recalled my visit to Armenia some time ago (near 20 and something years). I spent there about 2 months. It is small but nice country with a lot of history and lovely people. In the centre of Armenian Christian Church Echmiadzin you can see a lot of painting similar to your Father’s work. There are a lot of interesting places there. Yerevan is beautiful city. You know what, it looks like you genetically have colour feeling. All of your pictures have kind of pinkness. Yerevan looks like a pink city because a lot of its buildings covered with pink stone and it is beautiful in the sunrise.

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