Summer asks for pleasure. One of the simplest ways to add more pleasure in our days is to dine in a restaurant with a scenic view. In LA you can find some amazing views for dinner, lunch or even a simple coffee.

Today I’ll present you my 5 favorite places with amazing views, if you decide to visit LA 🙂

1. Number one would be WP24 by Wolfgang Puck, very chic, very formal, maybe a bit too business like, but with breathtaking views of Downtown Los Angeles. There is also a nice lounge area if you’re just in the mood for  drinks.


2. Yamashiro... The name speaks for itself: it is a Japanese restaurant, where waitresses are  wearing  Japanese kimonos. Amazing views from Hollywood Hills, where it’s nestled. Food is ok, but has a cute inside garden and… Farmers Market every Thursday night from 5-9pm!.. You can’t beat that!

Evelina Galli

3. The Ultimate Favorite: The Perch!  3 words: Too Much Fun!


4. Soho House…this is a private club, so to get in, you need to go with a member or become a member if you can get a referral and you’re part of the artistic community… very who knows who Hollywood :)… West Side views, great at nighttime.


5. I feel this one is a “secret spot,” not very well-known: The Castaway. It has a very 80’s cozy feel, very warm ambiance and scenic  views of everything: Downtown, Hollywood, Mountains and if it is a clear day, even the Ocean…


Did this entice you to visit LA ?

P.S….and NO!… The State of California or above mentioned restaurants did not pay me …or give free dinner gift cards…or shoes for that matter 🙂

Just kidding. Hope I’ll see you soon!




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