Who knew that you can find an Inner Peace in New York?! …

I had to fly to New York on a business trip and surprisingly enough I have discovered the secret to my  Inner Peace. It was a surprising since it happened from doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING .

Evelina Galli

In my normal life I always try to use my time very efficiently by constantly doing something…even standing in  line at the Whole Foods store I am trying either to read a book on my phone, catch up on my emails, check out new images on Pinterest,..or just plain dive into Facebook...without even realizing that it comes with a price tag: losing touch with the reality, not REALLY seeing our surroundings, not feeling the moment and not smelling “the famous roses.”


After a long flight I sat down for a cup of coffee with my friend, and while she was finishing some work inside the house I experienced the most magical moments in my life!

pc2I saw the sky.. I saw the water… the flowers.. birds… felt the smell of aromatic coffee mixed with the smell of the forest and earth… and not on Pinterest!.. in 3-D !… just because my phone batteries were dead!


Ten minutes of just observing, sensing, smelling, feeling made it the most incredible meditation experience ever!…I did not care about fighting my thoughts trying to focus on my breathing… I just was NOT thinking and was just BREATHING and looking and LIVING!…How great it was to just be and do nothing!


This DOING NOTHING experience was so amazing that I decided to do it regularly… do nothing for at least 10 minutes each day and REALLY see, feel, smell and experience my surroundings! … Living in the present and finding an inner peace like no meditation experience can give me.

Have you ever tried to DO NOTHING?


20 thoughts on “Finding Peace in New York?!

  1. Lucky you! Could you imagine the battery of your iPhone wasn’t dead? You would miss wonderful world around you, great feeling, and so much impressions.

    1. Thanks god for Apple not coming up with auto rechargeable batteries , we would never unplug!…but it’s funny this scene reminded me of peacefulness of your photographs

      1. Once in awhile we have to force ourself to leave comfortable and modern home and go close to the nature to refill our body, spirit and mind with energy and thirst of life.

  2. I always go to the riverside park, ny, take a blanket and just lay there, staring at the sky, trees, the river, the George Washington bridge lol, and just relax…

  3. As Daniil Kharms said “Today I wrote NOTHING”” “I was most happy when pen and paper were taken from me and I was forbidden from doing anything. I had no anxiety about doing nothing by my own fault, my conscience was clear, and I was happy. This was when I was in prison.” http://goo.gl/ffGY8

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