Finding an empty cab in the New York rain was a godsend!


…it  took me to the Plaza hotel, a perfect place to have an afternoon tea with small sandwiches and sweets…


We don’t need a lot for happiness!..a hot cup of tea and a pleasant environment can always do the trick .

The Plaza Hotel is such an icon of New York! From little Eloïse to the Great Gatsby…


Both of those themes were prominent at the Plaza…from the little Eloïse shop to The Great Gatsby inspired cocktails and food on the menu…


One of the best chocolate shops in NY is located downstairs at the Food Market, and as a chocolate addict, I had to have one!


The whole atmosphere was very decadent and very 20’s  which made me wish that I had lived during those Roaring times and dressed like a Flapper girl at the Great Gatsby’s parties!


I wish, I wish 🙂


See you soon!



14 thoughts on “Plaza Hotel and the Roaring 20’s

    1. Thank you so much for your friendship and support…my close friends were not happy about the other look and after a while I have realized it as well…luchshe pozdno chem nikogda!

      1. I love your Russian. I am not real Russian but I speak and use it a lot. I have many friends in Russia. There are numerous things that you can read, think and understand only in the original language. For example, I’ve read Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov in Russian and then in English. First of all everything with translation depends on interpreter’s talent, Russian life and language knowledge. Then I realise that it is close enough to the original books, but not in everything. The same feeling I’ve had with Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald and other American and English writers. English versions of their books left another understanding and feeling in many parts of books. The only author who was interpreted to Russian really well is Shakespeare (it is my opinion). I do not know old English and cannot read his books in original version. However one of Russian interpreter – Samuel Marshak, used to live in England many years and I feel his translation was awesome.
        Thank you for accepting myself as a friend.

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