The only day I had to go to Manhattan, the universe decided to send uninterrupted rain on that little island…


Without even considering to check the weather report I ran outside, and by the time I was in Manhattan it started drizzling…

After I finished my meeting and went outside  it was pouring!..


No umbrellas for sale, no cabs,.. could not even figure out which way I needed to go…

Finally I saw this warm and beautiful gallery and I started glowing with happiness!

I finally found my refuge!!!

Being warm, not soaking under the rain and looking at the art… what can be  better?


Then as my excitement subsided I started noticing some strange-looking sculptures but thought… It is today’s art! That’s what it is…


After seeing too many of them I looked up and read the sign, which said: THE SEX MUSEUM…


Well going back outside was not an option: the rain was crazy… I had to explore the museum.


It cost around $20 and as you enter you can hear strange sound effect … which is probably natural, given where I was… It was a strange marriage of Animal Planet and 50 Shades of Grey… very unexpected indeed…


(to be continued)



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