In the Ducati heaven…

There is never a dull moment in New York…

I was at my friend Hasmiks’ house in New York, having lunch with her when her husband Joe Buzzetta drove in in this spectacular car! I am not a “car specialist” but always had a deep fascination with beautiful car/bike designs.

So this car instantly caught my eye and as Joe explained it was a special car, the original  Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor 1967, that  was featured in the film Gone in 60 Seconds

What an amazing design! Sleek ergonomic shapes, deep blue color, white straps going across.. I had to have my picture taken with the car…could not resist!


Hasmik told me that this is only one of “his toys” he has an entire garage filled with them.

Hasmik and Joe graciously offered to go there if I am interested….and was I interested?!

Evelina Galli

Apparently this was not a garage but a Ducati heaven !

Evelina Galli Ducati

I don’t know much about cars besides whether they look well designed or poorly designed…all these bikes were superbly designed and I wanted to learn a bit more about the story behind them…

Hasmik and Joe Buzzetta

Joe explained that Ducati is a motorcycle company founded in Italy in 1926, currently owned by Audi through its subsidiary, Lamborghini company.

One of the most important milestones in the company history was the 1972 race in the Imola 200 that Paul Smart won riding Ducati. It established the company as one of the most prominent leaders in the four-stroke motorcycle world.

Evelina Galli DucatiCollectors dream!..The signed model!


Like a “kid in the candy store,” I could not wait to start taking some pictures with these bikes!

(Although I don’t have any memories of any candy stores from my childhood…chocolate in my childhood was found either on the table on special occasions or when my brother and I would get a hold of the key from the bar’s closet where liqueur, cigars and chocolate were kept…but I guess it might be a bit unorthodox to say “like a kid at the bar…”

Evelina Galli Ducati

….to be continued




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