More from the Ducati heaven…

Evelina Galli ducatiFashion and Cars had a long time love affair….Louis Vuitton sponsoring car races, Mercedes Benz sponsoring Fashion Weeks.

The main point I think is appreciating beauty of the design: cars or’s just a formality! Good design is always good!


I really think this Cobra is an Art piece, so beautiful!!! You’re afraid to touch it!

Even details are thought out to the last millimeter and designed with great care.

Evelina Galli ducati

I have an awful sense of balance, I would never be able to ride a motorcycle, so this was as close as I could get to it!

mot1Thanks to Hasmik and Joe Buzzetta I had my share of fun taking pictures with these cute “toys!”

Evelina Galli

For more pictures and/or info you can visit Joe’s Facebook Page

See you soon!




9 thoughts on “More from the Ducati heaven…

  1. I have 19 y/o twin daughters and one of them is obsessed with Ducati bikes. I told her she would have to wait to be done with university for one. By the way, the pic with the reflection in the mirror is HOT!


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