Early in the morning , while I was having breakfast with the most picturesque view that I have ever seen in my life, I thought about, “What makes love last?”

Evelina Galli Venice

Everything was as perfect as it can possibly be.


The plan was to go to the close of the Accademia museum where some of the Leonardo Da Vinci’s original artwork was on display. (Being a lifelong Da Vinci Fan this was not an opportunity that I could miss).


On the way to the museum when crossing  the Accademia Bridge,  I noticed a very strange-looking gentleman hanging from the street lamp with metal-cutting scissors in his hands and attracting attention from those passing by.

_MG_0075Apparently that was the infamous Venetian Love Lock Cutter and he was doing his performance art by cutting down all the locks that were attached on the bridge.


Before seeing him I did not even notice the existence of thousands and thousands of locks on the bridge.

_MG_0087The Love Lock trend in Europe started from Federico Moccia’s story “I Want You” in 2006.  Lovers all over Europe started writing their names on the Padlocks attaching them to the bridges and throwing away the keys into the water. This Love Locking process is believed to make the love everlasting.

It is incredibly romantic if not one small downside: there are millions of couples who are in love, which results in enormous quantity of the Love Locks and subsequently extreme amount of weight that  damages the structural integrity of the old bridges.

Government authorities are interfering with the romantic Love Lock movement and cutting them down at least once a year. Italy is probably the strictest and there is a high fine for trying to attach a padlock.

So what should romantics do?

They want their Love Locks to last and not be thrown away. How to make the Love last?..Well at least Love Locks last.

The Love Lock concept  reminded me of the wishing trees that I have seen in Armenia, where people would wish for love and tie their handkerchief on the tree.

It did not look extremely appealing but provided couples with the comfort of knowing that their love will last.  I could not stop thinking about it until I found the Perfect Picture that provided the solution to the issue.

Love Lock Trees!!! Good for lovers, tourists and the government officials!

What do you think? Would you prefer old bridges or trees to immortalize your love ?


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71 thoughts on “Will Love Last?

  1. Enjoyed your post. However, we should love trees too. They often suffer structural damage even without Love Locks. The best way to have LOVE last is to keep it in your mind! No locks required!

    1. Hi JF you have a good point about the trees, somehow I thought this is fake, but after taking a closer look I can see it is real. I agree with you that love should be in the heart, but unfortunately as human beings we forget important things and we invent rings and locks to remind us about our feelings…

  2. There is a symbolism that the lock has that the tree does not. I would like to see a place where “lovers” could scribe some type of message to one another. Feels more romantic to me.

    1. Tree can mean the Tree of Life I think, which is decorated by love ever-growing 🙂
      But your idea is just brilliant! Writing to each other is very romantic, like a promise written in stone ( or on the stone in this case)

    1. John you got really cool pictures! Paris locks are so well designed and well placed! …and Koln/Cologne is just fascinating! So colorful !Absolutely love them!Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you! Yes apparently love can be hazardous 🙂
      Sydney as well?! That is fascinating! I thought why don’t we have those in America?…I guess it is a bit challenging to put a lock on a Brooklyn Bridge or Golden Gates Bridge…or maybe we are not that romantic 🙂

    1. lol…that is funny John, I think # 1 locks are cheaper #2 you don’t have to sign any papers #3 if lock gets cut, then you have an excuse to say, sorry universe does not support our love…what do you think?

  3. It is fun. That is kind of superstition. But the only winners are locks sellers and manufacturers. My comment seems boring. But you can not lock Love. Who knows how many locked loves are still alive. Anyway, I like the post and pictures. Venice is great! By the way where in Armenia you’ve seen that tree.

    1. Lautal I am a strong believer in NOT LOCKING down the love! It is like a bird as soon as you lock it down it wants to escape.
      Re; Trees -I recall seeing them in areas where old monasteries are located, like Garni/Gegard . I was very curios about them, seems interesting that so many people believe in visual symbols of their dreams, maybe it works for some ,I should try one day 🙂

      1. I believe in true symbols which last forever. Among them places that you recalled – Garni/Gerard, Etchmiadzin, Sardarapat in Armenia.

      2. I believe in true symbols which last forever. Among them places that you recalled – Garni/Gerard, Etchmiadzin, Sardarapat in Armenia.

      3. I visited Erevan three times and stayed there for three months in total. All these places and not only them I visited and was excited. It was twenty five years ago. One more place that impressed me a lot was Museum of Children Art. I do not remember exact name of that museum but an idea there it is a great collection of children Art from around the World. Have you visited this place or hear about it? Arminia is nice country with nice people.

  4. Wish we would keep love in our hearts always ready to share with our lover and the world
    – no locks needed.
    Such love will last through eternity.
    However I really do love the sentiment of the locks on the bridges.
    Love your post!

  5. It’s a lovely idea to immortalise one’s love in such a romantic way… but if it causes harm to beautiful buildings or trees than maybe it’s time to take a leaf out of Petrarch’s book and write some sonnets. Great post.

    1. Thank you Janey, the challenge with sonnets is that not every one is good at it…an unfortunate lesson that I’ve learned in high-school when my classmate wrote me a love poem…although I appreciated his effort

  6. Fantastic post! I’m in Venice right now getting loads of pictures that will appear on my blog in a few months, after solicitous editing and a couple of other series. I look forward to your future posts!

  7. I think the bridge is the tradition and sounds very romantic. The trouble is that if they are cut off every year it may be better to use the `Love Tree`. Here in South Africa it`s like the Wild West you could use a padlock to fix your car to a bridge and it would stay more than a year. 🙂

  8. I love your post! I think whether we shower our love on a person, a pet, or an object, we can never run out, because love is the source of what makes us human. Sharing it the love feeling with someone is spreading it. Spread your love Evelina. You are love. Cheers, A:)ex

      1. When I see something so full of joy and love it makes me happy to be alive! I don’t over think it.

  9. I had no idea that they cut the locks off in places, or the origins of the lock. I of course saw them all over Europe and thought it was a little silly. It would be interesting to chart sales of locks before and after the book, because I bet about a billion locks have been sold for the sole porpose of putting them on a bridge.

  10. A great idea, I first this trend in Frankfurt. I think it might take more than a padlock to make love last, but I’m always pleased by the spectacle. Bridges – better than trees in this instance.

  11. What a cool story. I didn’t know this and if I noticed any locks on the bridges when I was there, I suppose I just thought it part of the structure. As sad as it seems to cut away the locks though, anything that might put Venice in jeopardy, including her lovely bridges, must go. Perhaps they could melt down the locks and use them to make another bridge of love.

  12. Great post! Looks as though you had a lovely time in Venice. I visited Cologne last year and noticed hundreds of thousands of love locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge. I don’t know how true it is, but I understand the administration there decided to leave them in place – they were more worried by the keys being thrown into the river than the weight of the locks themselves.

    The tree is an interesting solution to the problem, though I could imagine them becoming overloaded before too long.

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