Crystal Chandeliers and the Gas stations

Spending time in Venice seems like time travel. Life in a beautiful painting, life in a fantasy land. No cars, no streets, no gas stations…instead it is canals, bridges, palazzo and basilicas.


I was almost afraid that I lost touch with reality.  When it was time to stop by a gas station on the way to Florence, I was almost excited: finally back to the modern life, not as pretty and romantic, but you know it is REAL!

But there was an element of a surprise waiting inside the gas station. Cristal chandeliers, dark hardwood flooring, freshly made Panini’s, gourmet espresso and  restaurant quality amazing pastries.

gas station italy evelina galli

“Welcome to Italy,” I told to myself. How could you expect an ugly gas station where food and beauty are the matter of a national pride!


I do agree with the “form follows function” rule that moved 20th centuries design and esthetics, but maybe there is something else besides pure “function” of an object that the “form” needs to reflect …such as uplifting the viewer’s mood with it’s pleasant look.

gas station italy evelina galli

Gas stations with crystal chandeliers and wooden floors can be a great example for the new ‘postpost modern’ esthetics of the 21st century, where some excess won’t only be allowed but also welcomed.

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33 thoughts on “Crystal Chandeliers and the Gas stations

  1. Hello Evelina:

    This is by far the most luxurious gasoline station I have seen ever. I wonder what a five-star suit would look like.

    Thank you for such a wonderful and pictorial site.


    1. Thank you for visiting Omar. The five star suite has hand-painted frescos in addition to the chandelles and a mirror TV in the all-marblle bathroom 🙂 That is the essence of Italy ” living for beauty ” 🙂

  2. It looks as though there stands a gambling machine near the window, on the right, in the last photo? Or is this a jukebox, I wonder? What a nice place to have lunch, fill the gas tank and wash your windows 🙂

  3. I would love to open a gas station like this in the United States. Compared to what’s here you would have people stopping from all over just to see it.

    1. Thank you Kathryn for your kind words! I do feel we need more beauty! They have a use for the soul. If universe wanted us to strive solely on function, we wouldn’t have amazing sunsets, and tasty food.

  4. Unbelievably spectacular!! I stopped by to thank you to follow but but but, there’s so much beauty to see here!! I must return. The photos are exquisite. I so appreciate your details and information. Now I can live vicariously through your travels:) Thank you so much! Cheryl-Lynn

  5. Really enjoyed this photo series and your thoughts. I was in Italy in 2001 teaching art in two schools: One in the north and one in the south on a special (only ten days sadly) project. The southern school (south of Naples) staff insisted we spend our first day touring the region. They already had the bus ordered! So we did. With espresso / snack stops on the roadside. However I don’t recall seeing any chandeliers! But your photos bring back fond memories. And those lemons and oranges certainly! What a lovely blog you have.

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