People don’t normally like the feeling of being lost, me included. It is the uncertainty, the loss of control, disorientation, frustration, anger, denial, and the list can go on.

evelina galli in tuscany:san gimignano

But if we have time and we can move past the initial sense of anxiety, being lost can be an opportunity to see new places, to discover new things, to become an explorer…almost like Columbus.


I was not quite in the philosophical mood when I got lost on the way from Florence to Sienna. Rain and feeling hungry did not help the situation. But pretty soon a structure that resembled old city walls appeared, as well as promising signs of Trattorias and Pizzerias nearby. The medieval city structure was so impressive that for a little while I forgot I was hungry. Rain almost became a drizzle and my iPhone finally got an Internet signal showing that my location was at San Gimignano.

evelina galli in tuscany:san gimignano

Since I had never heard of this city, I wanted to get inside and see what was happening inside the city walls.

evelina galli in tuscany:san gimignano

Especially after seeing that recommended an amazing restaurant there, which had more then 1200 reviews on it, all being fantastic and fabulous!

Inside the city walls the cutest medieval city was hiding! Coming from LA it almost felt like a movie set. But of course it is as real as it gets!

evelina galli in tuscany:san gimignano

With the 14 towers that were leftover from the previously built 72 (the highest one 54 meters!), it was an architectural gem that I was feeling so blessed to see.

I will tale more about this fascinating city but I wonder if you can guess why people will build these labor-intensive tall towers in the 14-century, 72 of them and one higher than the other?

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28 thoughts on “Lost and Found in Tuscan Hills

  1. Hello Evelina:

    I’ve seen so many movies about Tuscany, that I feel that I’ve been there before. You are blessed to be physically there to share all the beauty of the sites with us. Enjoy yourself life is too short.

    Thank you for your wonderful pictures,


    1. Omaar, you’re so right, I do feel blessed! And as you said I have seen many photographs and movies about the Tuscany but I have realized that there is no medium to capture the true beauty and spirit of this place, it is breathtaking !

  2. I asked my father who said Florence is 5 or 6 hours north of our House and we visited once or twice but I don’t remember. This village is a place that I want to see.

  3. Such a treasured find for you, and for us, such beautiful pictures to see!

    Yes, stepping off of a route almost always provides us with new sights, experiences and an opportunity for us to leave the place a bit richer in condition than we arrived.


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