When you enter a city trough the medieval gigantic doors, you know it is a special place.

Firenze (Florence)  is an epitome of the Italian Renaissance where even the hotels are built with the Renaissance in mind.


When the hotel room has a Renaissance themed frescoes on the walls, it must be Florence!


Florence has a very distinct style.

It is an open air museum that would take a visitor a few months to experience and appreciate all the gems that this city has to offer.

One of the least touristy places is the Medicis’ villa. There are so many primary spots that I think the Medicis’ villa hardly gets any traffic.

It is a unique feeling to experience such historical locations in a Zen atmosphere.


In this Zen environment, I have stumbled upon the most beautiful movie theater ever!IMG_1998

Doesn’t it just look fascinating?


It just needs a popcorn and a soda machine!

Talk about Form NOT Following the FUNCTION!


And if the movie is boring, one can always look up to the “sky” for more action!


What do you think? Would you like a home theater à la Florentine ?

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25 thoughts on “Styling à la Florentine

      1. My favorite! ….European version can be “How to steel a million” or the more symbolic “Queen Margo” (MArgo was Catherine Medicies’ daughter) What do you think?

  1. One has to look up to exclude the thousands of tourists clamoring in the streets:

    One good way to see Florence is to leave it, and walk in the nearby hills:

    Rub a nose for good luck?

  2. The second photo with the wood floors? That’s my living room. OK, except we have carpet. And our ceiling is lower. And our room is probably not as big. And no chandeliers.

  3. I have no words to describe. Though I’ve always possessed an interest in visiting Italy. Strikes me as the kind of place I never would want to leave. And your photography compliments Florence in a such a way…

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