I am very excited about my collaboration with Komarovinc.com !

Komarov Clothing was founded almost 15  years ago by Shelley Komarov, a talented costume designer with 4  Emmy Awards under her belt.

Evelina Galli Komarov
In a beautiful and wrinkle-free Komarov dress

Shelley started this company to help women travel in style with wrinkle free clothes. In her line of work as a costume designer, dressing stars such as Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Matthew McConaughey , George Clooney and many more, she travelled quite often. During her trips around the world she was constantly facing the challenge of dealing with wrinkled clothes. After years of research and experiments, Shelley created the Komarov line.

All of the clothes in the Komarov line are made by hand in the USA with specially developed technology. They are pleated and secured with extreme heat (allows for a little elasticity), so no matter how the clothes fold there will be no wrinkles, and they fit comfortably on any body shape!

Why am I extremely excited to collaborate with Komarov? :

LOVE taking Komarov with me when I travel!

During my travels I always face a dilemma because:

  • I want more options for outfits: What if the weather changes? What if I spill wine on my only dress? What if I change my mood?
  • It is always a hassle to check in the bags, than hope and pray that you will get it back (I received my luggage days later after I came back from Rome, thank God it was not lost!)
  • Another issue is packing nice dresses and by the time you take them out of your suitcase, they look unrecognizable because of the amount of wrinkles!

Komarov solves all of these dilemmas for me! I pack up to 7 dresses and 6 tops in my carry on, fit them alongside 2 pairs of shoes, toiletries and intimate wear. (This is good for an entire week!)

And the best part? When I take them out of the suitcase, they look Fresh and Ready to party!

evelina galli komarov
Another fabulous Komaorov dress

32 thoughts on “New Year New LOVE !

  1. Wow, those are beautiful dresses! I love to dress up when I travel, too, so I can totally relate to the solution of your dilemma! Sounds like you’re an expert traveler. 🙂

  2. Well my dear you look stunning as always and your dress is devine. With the amount you and so many other fabulous women travel this garment line should be everywhere. Do they have a men’s line? If so please post on it or email me I need wrinkle free stylish travel-ware!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words dear Benjamin, I wish they did have mens line,unfortunately as of now it’s still an open niche , I should tell them to consider your idea !

      1. Yes please do! I stopped by their site and they do have lovely women clothing for sure. A nice wht French cuffed men’s shirt would me lovely though ( hint hint )

  3. As someone that travels as part of my job, I both understand and appreciate the need for clothes that fare better during travel. Congratulations on your new partnership and best of luck!

  4. You look great! Frankly, whatever you put on, you always look great. Thanks for giving us Shelley’s website.( I already signed up earlier).I travel from time to time and wrinkle-proof clothing is something that I’m always on the lookout for. Thanks!

  5. Congratulations! Personally, I’d be very loyal to a company making more down-to-earth (around town styles), affordable, travel-well clothing for women with breasts. I am forced to purchase clothing 5 sizes larger then I need just to spend hours tailoring it OR make it myself. Even companies like EShakti can’t get it right because Asian women don’t typically have large breasts and they make semi made to wear, affordable clothing.

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