“Trending” in Culinary Arts

assym dress
In asymmetrical Komarov dress

One thing that I have realized is that trends do not just apply to fashion but they apply to culinary arts as well. With my recent visits to restaurants and cafes, these are three new trends in culinary arts that I have noticed…

  1. From ordinary to extraordinary side dishes! It seems like restaurants are kicking out the typical garlic mashed potatoes and cooked carrots to opt for much more alluring meal additions. Quinoa with pine nuts instead of rice? It is safe to say that side dishes are no longer the overlooked meal ‘co-star’.
  2. Southeast Asian cuisine is quickly stealing the culinary spotlight. Although we will all always love our Italian and French food, restaurants have been incorporating more and more Southeast Asian inspireddishes into their menus, but, hey! I’m not complaining!

The array of mouthwatering culinary trends that are currently sweeping across restaurants are surely satisfying. What culinary trends do you see happening in 2014?


25 thoughts on ““Trending” in Culinary Arts

  1. Hmmm? Food trends are very hard to predict. Pan Asian – fusion is here to stay, hearty, healthy rustic has had it’s time So.cuisen has come and gone. Maybe it’s time for local French (just kidding) great post because it got me thinking.
    Ps.lovely dress btw ( French cuff men’s shirts 😉

  2. Trends have been around for decades, if not longer. I remember when mood rings were trending, Cabbage Patch dolls, etc. Back then, though, trends lasted several months, occasionally a year or two. Today, due to Twitter, trends lasting hours, sometimes days, which, in my view, don’t qualify as trends at all.

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