Spring is in the Air…

Spring is always the most romantic season.In Los Angeles Spring happens to be in January: cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the air is perfumed with flowers, spring wind and ocean breeze…

evelina galli

I am truly enjoying it because March, April and May might be so cold that I would need to wear fur coats…but why waist time thinking about what is going to be, instead of living in the moment …I choose this moment 🙂

evelina galli for komarovinc.com

What is your favorite season?


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Dress; Chevron pleated pink blush dress  by Komarov

Shoes by Cesare Paciotti




16 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air…

  1. Is Spring in the air? In Manchester it’s so mightily cold I have to don a scarf and gloves. To look all tough and manly, see. I usually wear dresses such as yours, but the cold would do me no good.

  2. I live in Cambridge, Uk and can’t wait for the spring to arrive here. we have the first garden signs with snowdrops popping out to peak x

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