Anger Management

People always demonize anger as a negative emotion that should be avoided and diluted at all costs. In general, this might be true, but some things are hard to obtain without the presence of anger.  For example, anger can stimulate A CHANGE …any kind of change… changing the way you dress, your habits, where you live, how you eat…any change is sometimes hard to motivate without anger!

evelina galli in a Komarov top
In a Komarov “Abstract Expressionism” top

Let me explain…

If you’re annoyed with something would you change?….well maybe

If you dislike something, would you change it?…possibly

If you absolutely hate something, cannot stand it at any cost, and it aggravates you down to your DNA, would you change it?…I am positive you would!

So, in order to make the change we want in our life with anything, be it “cleaning up the closet” or “losing 5 pounds”….number 1 step would be:

#1…Get really angry! Angry to the point that you cannot stand it anymore! Play that emotion like an actor or actress for a more dramatic feel.  Draw a picture of it and tear it, for an even more, opera level, dramatic effect!

#2 Imagine your dream “WANT”, your ideal, your fantasy, your goal …find a picture save it on your phone, on your fridge, wherever…so you can see it everyday and think about your goal.

#3 Write three immediate steps that you can take today to get there. It should be something achievable, something immediate, and do it!

  1. Keep a journal and write even your tiniest progress every day, and make sure to keep it positive! Be nice and encouraging to yourself, ask constantly “how can I do it better, more efficient, more fun, more enjoyable?”
  2. Make your action steps gradually more challenging and give yourself a deadline.

Do Not STOP until you’ll get to your goal!

These steps might sound really silly, but they worked for me, because whenever I was feeling unsure, lukewarm, or indifferent, I would not get out of my way to change anything.

So if you want a change–Get ANGRY!

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17 thoughts on “Anger Management

  1. Nothing silly about those steps! Anger can be healthy or unhealthy, much like stress. There are moments of anger that should be condemned (criminal behaviour, for example), while other moments of anger could be considered passion. When I truly want to change something in my life, I definitely will get angry (passionate) and take the steps required to achieve my goals!

  2. I had a debate recently with some women about anger and they all thought it was wrong to feel angry. I happen to think anger’s a natural response to some situations and can be appropriate. It was almost as if women I thought were quite feisty were buying into the idea that women should feel guilty about feeling anger and were actually squashing down natural responses. You don’t have to get destructive with anger, just channel it – as you’ve suggested – in positive channels for change.

    1. I think women are conditioned not to get angry, but we have that emotion for a reason, our design is perfect we just need to let ourselves feel our feelings and not suppressed them, which can become more destructive in the long run

  3. Anger is a human emotion. Anger is never wrong. It is the actions that we take that might be right or wrong. Love is the key here. Love cause us to pause and consider others. No matter how angry we get we must remeber to love those around us. That will help guide us to the best actions!

  4. Couldn’t agree more.
    Anger is a perfectly normal and acceptable human emotion. And, like everything else in the world, it all depends on what WE do with it. We cannot control what is “out there”, but we have complete control over what is “in here”. And there, is the lotus in the mud.

    Absolutely everyone that has ever involved a change in either their own personal lives or for the whole of humanity, has been fueled by anger. Mahatma Gandhi wanted to break India from British power. John Lennon hated war. Martin Luther King Jr. hated oppression, segregation and racisim.

    It’s all in what we do with that energy.

    Great post!

    1. Thank you Bill those are excellent examples! I think numbing down our feelings by TV programs or Facebook will not make us John Lennon or ML King, it will not make us into people who can create change

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