My Favorite Oscar nominees

Sometimes it is nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle of my everyday life to hit up the theater and see a good movie! In my spare time I treated myself to viewings of some of the most popular movies of the year. My three favorite Oscar nominated movies of 2013 were…


The Great Gatsby: There is not much to dislike about this movie. It was visually stunning and really made me want to throw on my pearls, doll myself up in some fringe and grab a time machine to head back to the 1920’s to drink some champagne and party at Gatsby’s house!sitting

Blue Jasmine: This controversial yet inspirational story had me almost falling in love with the crazy character because of their truly, brilliant acting.

evelina galli

Wolf of Wall Street: Good acting, crazy good director, awesome storyline! Wolf of Wall Street was definitely impressive and who doesn’t love Leonardo DiCaprio?


What was your favorite movie of 2013?

16 thoughts on “My Favorite Oscar nominees

  1. I saw Gatsby and Blue Jasmine within the last month or so. I thought Gatsby was over-stylized and the plot simpler than I expected. (I haven’t read the book.) Cate Blanchet was outstanding in Jasmine and of course Woody Allen is the master of of neruoses. I liked Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper in American Hustle also. (If you haven’t seen it, see if you can find last year’s Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Superb and fun.)

    1. John, Hollywood crowd is raving about American Hustle, it is the next one on my list, really want to see it. I hope Cate Blanchet would get an Oscar for her brilliant performance.

  2. First, I just have to say that the photos are great! Beautiful.

    I didn’t watch all that many movies at the theatre last year. I try to go at least a few times each year, but for some reason or another avoided the theatre in 2013! The Great Gatsby looked good and I think I’ll give it a go as the era is definitely something I’m interested in.

  3. One knew you’d like The Great Gatsby. Have you read the novel? Even better. Innit? Innit. Mud was my favourite in 2013, as Matthew McConooohay has had an amazing career resurgence. King of the Summer was fantastic as well, and the documentary Blackfish gave two fingers up to SeaWorld, which I enjoyed immensely. For pure spectacle, though – Gravity.

    1. I have read the novel, I love Fidgzeralds language, he is great. Gravity is good to watch once , I don’t think I would survive it the second time. I am adding all those movies to my watch list!

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