Health Thursday: Relaxing baths

One of the best ways to pumper yourself is to take a bath, put on a nice music  and light up some candles. Warm water helps muscles to relax . Relaxed muscles send signal to the brain, that “everything is fine you can relax” and brain follows the body and slowly calms down.

The whole experience can only improve by adding some aromatic salts into the water.

Here is one of my favorite  DIY recipes ( I absolutely love the smell of rose in this!)

  • Dried rose petals
  • Rose water or rose essential oil
  • 1 cup Epsom salt
  • 2/3 cup powdered milk

Mix ingredients together and add a scoop to the bath water .

It is great for skin, mind and spirit, try and let me know 🙂

evelina galli wearing dress
Wearing Red flower print resort dress by

5 thoughts on “Health Thursday: Relaxing baths

  1. I love baths! I actually love reading in a bath, as well. It’s so very relaxing. I love this DIY recipe idea, however I don’t get why people insist on using bath salts! Salt does the opposite of being good for your body; it actually draws water and moisture out of your cells. I’d suggest people do themselves a favor and leave the salt out–your skin will thank you.

    Beautiful dress, btw!

  2. I never had a bath at home when I grew up, and after that I started traveling the world, tight budget and everything.. Doesn’t scream luxury bath at all does it?
    But now! I live in an apartment with a real bath since six weeks! I take a bath at least once a week. I put on some music or yes.. Sometimes (That’s a lie, most of the times) I watch a movie and relax. I’m still on a budget though so no luxury products or Sephora/Yves Rocher packages.. Not yet. I found a 2L great citrus smelling bath bubble soap for 1,50€ (about 1$80) at the grocery store, great find! Some scented candles and I’m good to go!

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