Does Train ride induces creativity?

Everyone has their favorite place to write: it might be at that little table in Starbucks, in the bathtub, in the car; at the office…favorite places are as many as there are people.

Evelina Galli
In Tiger print Komarov top

I have read about Catherine de Great that she had a tiny room where she liked to write her letters and about Pushkin that he liked to write in his bed…it made me think where do you write your blogs? Do you have a special place where you feel you can think better than anywhere else?

Mine happens to be at my desk, but after hearing resent announcement by Amtrak that they will give long-distance travel accommodations to 24 writers as a part of their residency program, made me fantasize about writing on a train…I think I want to test that idea by taking a train from LA to Santa Barbara and just try to write my blog posts from there and see what happens.

I am really curious if any of you have ย tried it and what results you’ve got?

15 thoughts on “Does Train ride induces creativity?

  1. I find trains to spark creativity in me, there’s something very romantic about travelling by train! But I don’t have a favorite place to write at all I think.

  2. I have a room in my house where I usually do my yoga and meditation practices. Being that the house is small, I chose a room out of necessity. But in reality, when we engage in an “internal” activity such as writing, Is quite common that we have certain “preparations” that we do that go along with the practice itself (especially if it’s an internal practice like writing). I have found over the years, that while tangible settings like a special room, a certain sweater or even a train ride can all be favorable for the creativity/stillness that is required for writing; the real gift lies within us; the external places or things can just help to bring that creativity to the surface.

    Great post! There is indeed a certain “magic” about a train that is not equalled in air or car travel. Enjoy!

  3. Mine is at my dining room table. There is place for all my stuff, it is pretty, I can put on some music, the tv or stay in the silence.. I love to go some place by train, but I get so distracted people-watching and landscape-luring that it never comes to writing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Does a train ride induce creativity? It can if the clickety-clack clickety-clack doesn’t put you to sleep. I agree with others that your selected ride is too short. You need time to think and write. M’lady and I took a train from Berlin to Prague last Spring, 4+ hours, and when the scenery didn’t distract us we read or did blog writing.

  5. I’ve done lots of writing with a candle & adequate ventilation enclosed in the back of truck… But on a train I like to sip coca-cola & whiskey & stare out the window…

  6. I think you should definitely do it. Go for that train ride ๐Ÿ˜€ I usually plan my blogs and make notes through out my experiences and see how they connect. When it’s time to get it out, I usually sit by the pool or go to the library.

  7. Try it and see if it works for you. I get inspirational thoughts in trains and cars and planes. There is something about travel – my minds drifts and opens up creativity. I’d love to do the Amtrak thing!

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