Mad Men inspiration


Man Men TV series ended, with it my reason to ever watch TV. I absolutely loved the show:from its writing to the costumes, everything was great!  This last season I fully watched on the iTunes. It’s ending made me think more about the relevance of television in general.


I feel TV in its traditional sense is dead and online media is slowly but surely is taking its place: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube…you name it…why do we need that big box anymore when we can order exactly what we want and when we want it?

Mad Men inspired pink suit on Evelina Galli
My Mad Men inspired pink suit

Does regular TV has any chances to survive or its days are numbered? I wonder  what do you think?

12 thoughts on “Mad Men inspiration

  1. This is just the first half of the last season which has ended, there is still the second half of the season which is left. It second half will begin from spring 2015. You are right in stating that TV in its traditional form don’t have much relevance these days. 🙂

    1. I agree Gaurab, there so much is going on on the web, that TV is having a hard time catching up…

    1. Thank you H.E. Lexus…it is a very peculiar color and style that you won’t find everyday. To me it screams 60’es , which happens to be one of my favorite fashion decades

  2. Did you get to watch all 14 final season episodes on itunes?
    AMC have split the final season into two short 7 episode seasons, the final 7 episodes airing next spring. They did the same thing with Breaking Bad, so only the first half of the final season has actually aired. Does itunes have all 14 episodes already?! I tried to find them but could only see the 7 that have been released.

    If you’ve only seen 7 then don’t worry because next year you’ll get 7 more episodes of your favourite show!!

    1. No, I just watched the first 7…but it just made me think how irrelevant TV has become, if the only reason to have a cable is to watch one show

  3. TV is dead! Long live TV! M’lady and I are watching ’24’ (Jack Bauer) two episodes at a time via On Demand. Limited commercial interruption and more continuity (other than the 2 week wait to accumulate the 2 episodes). As always, “you rook mah-velous dahling”.

    1. That sounds like fun, I have to check it out and thank you for the compliment John , you’re very kind 🙂

  4. Evelina,

    In my humble opinion, the cable companies are heading for dangerous stormy weather. Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and Google are rapidly crushing the dinosaurs. I pay $7.99 for a monthly Netflix subscription and can enjoy a database of more than 24,000 movies, shows, documentaries and TV series. At this moment I’m watching the TV series Homeland and House of Cards.

    Don’t need a cable subscription with 200 or more channels at all. And last but certainly not least, you look like a million bucks wearing that gorgeous pink dress and complementary high-heel shoes.

  5. We haven’t watched tv in over 5 years. We watch movies or read, listen to music, and even sometimes talk! The nights seem to last a lot longer and we get so much more done, it seems!

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