I was in my yoga class meditating, after we finished the “challenging” routine, when I’ve opened my eyes before everybody else did and in an instant had a  “Eureka” moment!

I looked at the people in the room who were still sitting with their eyes closed and meditating and  I ” figured out”  why Mona Lisa is smiling!


I have never read if there is a specific research done about this but looking at the Mona Lisa’s smile and at the peaceful smile at the faces of people in meditation I could not help but notice the parallel in  both.

Source :Pinterest  Meditating Man
Source :Pinterest
Meditating Man

I Googled my “finding” and actually there is a book written about that topic. http://goo.gl/PfLelQ

I even found an article called “New Buddha Statue has a Mona Lisa smile.” and many more blogs. So now I can’t claim my “discovery” but  it still made me happy.

Leonardo is one of my all time heroes , and it made me wonder if he meditated himself and was trying to convey that through his painting? Was it his  message for us to find our inner piece and joy?

We would never know for sure what were his intentions but we know that in buddhist traditions  meditating  does  brings  out  inner happiness and serenity, and even prolongs our lives.

Which is what I wish to all of us today, serenity and peace 🙂


Evelina Galli meditating

3 thoughts on “Mona Lisa Meditation

  1. Great article, Evelina –

    The thing that I find so…. captivating (for lack of a better word this morning) about meditation is that it opens our own “inner doors” and often we’ll have some experiences as a result. The experiences we have are all our own. Sure, there can be commonalities that are maybe shared by other people in a class or group (such as the peaceful feeling of slowing way down); but the real beauty is that practices such as meditation, stilling our heads for a few minutes help to bring US out.

    And it’s during those times when we’re what’s often called “out” of ourselves (but in reality we’re really more IN ourselves) that we discover the connections between us and other things and people.

    We can discover some commonalities between us and our world. Exterior stuff can be and have been discovered and re-discovered time and time again, by many, many people.

    But that discovery of how that external similarity resonates with YOU is all yours. Is all ours.

    Congratulations! Here’s to many, many more discoveries for you (:

    1. Thank you Bill for your wonderful note. It took me a while to sit still and not get bored and/or wonder about something else. I noticed it became easier to focus and meditate after some challenging excercise or a long busy day. All of a sudden I had that, calming focused state without even trying. It is definitely a great tool to utilize in our daily activities.

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