Men’s Summer Shorts are the Sartorial answer to women’s Yoga Pants.

Men’s Summer Shorts are the Sartorial answer to women’s Yoga Pants.

A lot of times men ask me, what is the men’s sartorial answer to women’s yoga pants that have taken the world by storm?
To dive into that question, one must examine what is the charm of women’s yoga pants and why they went viral ?
Women’s yoga pants are equivalent to Spanx that you can wear outside.They compress and lift in the right places as well as provide versatility and freedom of movement.
You can easily go from working out at the gym to the restaurant with only slight modifications in wardrobe and still keep yoga pants on. (I think from my previous blog post some of you might know about my current “love affair” with yoga pants).
So what would be the men’s fashion answer? I believe they are not another men spandex pants but rather classic American SHORTS!
Shorts provide that casual coolness and comfort for men as yoga pants provide for women…some men even do yoga in shorts (although I am not sure if it is comfortable in that case). They don’t compress and lift the butt, but they are as versatile as yoga pants.
Men can wear shorts to the beach, to the office, to grab a quick bite and to play golf…it’s comfortable and looks chic!
One of my favorite brands is Old Bull Lee from Manhattan Beach California.
They make everything  in California; shorts look stylish and with the highest possible attention to details, which sometimes only the wearer knows.
Since summer season is here and 4th of July is approaching, I thought I’ll mention them for my fashion conscious friends, just in case they want to try on a New Summer Look for their backyard barbeque!

Mad Men inspiration


Man Men TV series ended, with it my reason to ever watch TV. I absolutely loved the show:from its writing to the costumes, everything was great!  This last season I fully watched on the iTunes. It’s ending made me think more about the relevance of television in general.


I feel TV in its traditional sense is dead and online media is slowly but surely is taking its place: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube…you name it…why do we need that big box anymore when we can order exactly what we want and when we want it?

Mad Men inspired pink suit on Evelina Galli
My Mad Men inspired pink suit

Does regular TV has any chances to survive or its days are numbered? I wonder  what do you think?

Easter, Steve Jobs and Facebook

I don’t watch a lot of TV these days, since I only have Netflix, and I normally don’t watch it either for the lack of time, so when I finally got time this weekend, I went on a “movie binge” and watched 2 movies back to back!

I watched Steve Jobs and The Social Network (both for the first time I must say).

Loved both movies!

Not because of cinematography or costumes, that I usually gravitate towards, but for the inspiring stories. Both of the characters Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg had something in common which made both of them not only eccentric and socially awkward characters but something else that let them change the world in a way that was never done before.

What were those unifying characteristics?

I would summarize it as -” the passionate belief in the impossible”!

That was something that Christian religion introduced more than 2000 years ago. It was something that I always treated as part of the beautiful legend without even ever understanding what it really meant.

Now I have learned from the “tech gods” that It is essentially the belief in the” limitless possibilities”…Both Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg dared to believe in the impossible with such conviction and passion that people around them thought they are crazy.

The truth is they were able to acheive the impossible and unify the world that has never done before.

How does it relate to Christianity?

It connects with the belief of the resurrection of the Christ. Resurrecting from death is the most impossible thing on Earth. If you truly belief that Christ resurrected it means that “impossible is nothing” and that is exactly what great thinkers “..the misfits, …the rebels, …the crazy ones” believe in.

Let me know your thoughts,

Happy Easter Everyone!

evelina galli

New Year’s Resolution


Hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas!

Now it’s time to look forward to 2014.
I’m looking for the perfect quote to inspire my new year resolutions , so far this is my favorite:

“If you want your life to change, your choices and actions must change. Every day brings a chance to start over”.

Do you want to change anything in 2014?



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Refuge at The Sex Museum…

Refuge at The Sex Museum…

The only day I had to go to Manhattan, the universe decided to send uninterrupted rain on that little island…


Without even considering to check the weather report I ran outside, and by the time I was in Manhattan it started drizzling…

After I finished my meeting and went outside  it was pouring!..


No umbrellas for sale, no cabs,.. could not even figure out which way I needed to go…

Finally I saw this warm and beautiful gallery and I started glowing with happiness!

I finally found my refuge!!!

Being warm, not soaking under the rain and looking at the art… what can be  better?


Then as my excitement subsided I started noticing some strange-looking sculptures but thought… It is today’s art! That’s what it is…


After seeing too many of them I looked up and read the sign, which said: THE SEX MUSEUM…


Well going back outside was not an option: the rain was crazy… I had to explore the museum.


It cost around $20 and as you enter you can hear strange sound effect … which is probably natural, given where I was… It was a strange marriage of Animal Planet and 50 Shades of Grey… very unexpected indeed…


(to be continued)


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads!

I have best memories of my dad,who was an amazing artist  but would dedicate less than 1% of his time to his talent.

Most of the time he was busy working on his business. I actually took his first name as my Pen Name; Galli ( from Galust, his full name).

GalliFortunately right before he passed away he made a series of paintings reviving old Armenian “Illuminations” from Medieval Bibles.

Illumination painting by Galli

He made 33 of them (the age of Jesus Christ), and all of them look absolutely stunning!

Here I am posting 2 of the paintings and maybe someday I will organize an exhibition of his work, to let public see all that beauty.

Painting by GalliHappy Father’s Day to all Dads! Make best memories for your kids!

Happy Birthday Achilles!

Happy Birthday Achilles!


Did you know that June 7th is considered the Greek Semi-God Achilles’ birthday?


Greek Mythology is full of Gods, Goddesses, but Achilles was always very special for Ancient Greeks.

In some regions of the Black Sea he was even considered as The Sea God and Alexander the Great was priding himself as a descendant of Achilles.

What makes Achilles so special?


According to the Greek legends Achilles embodied all the invincibility of the Gods: Strength, Courage, Power while he was vulnerable as a human.

His mother, nymph Thetis, was holding him from his heel when she dipped him into the waives of the legendary Styx, to make him immortal and Godlike, but his heel did not touch the immortal water and stayed vulnerable …

That vulnerability made him very relatable and very human…

Achilles statue

Achilles’ archetype is so strong that he even found his place in numerous works of literature and art, from Dante’s “Inferno” to modern pop culture.

hector vs achillesby genzoman

Sometimes we are trying too hard to be superhuman and hide our weaknesses, but maybe that’s what makes us human and relatable… what do you think?

Future of the Fashion Shows

After watching a sneak peek to the new documentary by James Franco about  the Gucci Company, I have realized that fashion shows as we know them would die out pretty soon…

Companies spend so much money producing these crazy fashion shows, putting up the best lighting, securing the best venues, best models, best PR firms and hoping that photographers/videographers will catch the best shots of their clothes at the best angles, and publish fabulous pictures.


Well it is not often the case …photographers might not catch the best shots, models might fall, videographer might have a terrible angle, show might get overcrowded and the fire marshal might stop the show, rain might fall and people won’t show up, so on and so forth …and all that effort might go unnoticed!


I think what fashion houses should do is have great videos and photo shoots with their own photographer and videographer and then present to the world just pictures and videos shot perfectly well.

It might generate much more interest because of the air of exclusivity that surrounds it…


I actually do like Fashion Shows…they are great!  They have beautiful models, stylish attendees, great buzz, amazing networking place, and fun, fun, fun…

But lately, the more and more I see a regular catwalk, I can’t help but wonder …for how long?

Evelina Galli

My CRUSH: Peggy Moffitt!

Universe definitely has a sense of humor!…

In my last 2 posts I was writing about Rudi Gernreick’s designs and his Muse and collaborator Peggy Moffitt, and how relevant those designs look for today’s fashion scene…

Over the week-end I got invited to the CRUSH magazine party at The Standard Hotel.

Evelina Galli
Driving to The Standard hotel..

and who do you think I met there?….You’re right, Ms. Peggy Moffitt!

She looks as fabulous and hip today as she looked 50 years ago…amazingly graceful and  with an incredible fashion sense.

Evelina Galli
Peggy Moffit wearing Rudi Gernreichs’ design
Evelina Galli
Doesn’t she look amazing?…All those young guys worshipped her 🙂
Evelina Galli
Peggy Moffitt with a friend

She is living proof that Style is timeless!

We love you Peggy!