Pippi Longstocking

I was so happy to be reminded by Sonja Durand of Pippi Longstocking yesterday!

Evelina Galli

She is one of my favorite heroes!

It is a super cute story about the red-haired, freckle-faced Pippi Longstocking, I’m sure many of you remember her!

A lucky little girl ,who lives with a horse and a monkey at the edge of a Swedish village. She has upside-down braids and no parents to tell her what to do!

She is a female version of a Peter Pan, who does not want to grow up!

I wonder if that desire to stay forever 12 lives deep inside everyone?

Would you want to go back and stay as a child all your life?

Your inner SuperHERO!

Recently, I was at an event where to” break the ice” and introduce yourself you needed to name your Fantasy Inner Superhero and explain why you chose that person…

My first impulse was to choose Trinity from Matrix, Catwoman or Lara Croft…and the reason?..Their costumes of course!

…but on second thought: I have realized that Matrix is so 1999 with very minimalist fashion!…actually all 3 of them are!..It is 2013. We NEED more color! 

So I had to draw a new 2013 Inner Superhero! (Added bonus:have full creative control and can change it  at any time 🙂

Evelina Galli Illustration

Do you have an Inner Superhero?


Spring seems to be having an on and off relationship with LA this year, can’t wait for the ON part..

…but today was one of those surprisingly nice spring days where wind and sun were in perfect balance with each other. No power plays today…

Evelina Galli

For a  leisurely stroll, of course I overreact and wear a coat, but a little walk feels great when you’re draped in warmth… My “walking bonus” was seeing the nature in bloom… a highly refreshing scene!


springspring…and the gorgeous Sunset


Lucky number 13?

Random discovery at a random time…
Evelina Galli
I was on the phone with my friend Jane, having a heated discussion about the phobia trends.

My argument was that phobias follow fashion as well: in the old days probably the most common phobias were of wolves, tigers, lions, when people would hide in caves and seek shelter from those “beasts”…

At some point people were afraid of witches. They would hunt and set them on fire whenever they could…then of course the famous: “fear of public speakingespecially naked (as it was shown in SHREK ☺).

Evelina Galli
…that one I still can’t understand, why it is the most popular one?…Does everybody have to give a naked speech at some point of their life?

…anyways…we came to the point where I was arguing that the most outdated one is the Triskaidekaphobia: fear of number 13!
Evelina Galli
I said that there is no one left on this planet to have such a fear, so unfashionable, outdated and totally useless…

I had to stop my talk half-way… and look at my elevator’s floor numbers…there was NO number 13!!!!….

I’ve never noticed it before!…apparently I don’t live on the 13th floor and never had to use it!...In this day and age!…
I was shocked and had to look it up. OTIS Elevator Company states that 85% of the high-rise buildings omit number 13!

…In a way it was cute and sentimental…but I wonder if there are numbers you omit in your daily life ,just based on superstitions and has it ever proven to have some value?

Mademoiselle Chanel and The Secret behind “The Secret”

Mademoiselle Chanel introduced the Chanel Jacket in the1920es as an alternative to corseted look popular at that time. It symbolized women’s liberation, youthfulness and sportiness…but for me today it symbolizes the “magic power” of thought.

The “magic power” to think of an idea, then make it and then see hundreds of people wearing it! Wearing someone’s thoughts! Isn’t that magical?

Evelina Galli

This brings me to the missing element in the movie “The Secret”( I am sure everyone has seen it or heard of it by now). The concept there is “think of something and it will happen”…maybe they are being much more esoteric then I can comprehend…but it would mean sitting in your room, meditating all day “I want gold,”  and seeing gold coins magically appear on the floor…how many people have experienced that?

Evelina Galli …But I am sure many people have had ideas/visions in their minds which became part of their reality when an action was applied….

I don’t want to undermine “The Secret,” I absolutely agree with the idea…I just think it is missing the element of “ACTION.”

Evelina Galli

I have thought of hundreds of dresses in my mind…but the ones that actually exist and people wear are the ones that I’ve applied some “Action.” I’ve sketched them, chosen fabrics for them, made samples of them…

That’s my Secret to “The Secret,” which is  inspired by Coco Chanel. Her thoughts and vision in the form of this Jacket live on for almost 100 years!

 Viva Chanel! An endless inspiration! 



Red State

I have a long time love affair with the color RED. It is my absolute favorite color!

Evelina Galli

I adore all shades of red from deep Bordeaux, True Blood all the way to the pinkish hues. I l love red accessories, red pencils, red lipstick, red clothes…Unfortunately red clothes are often reserved for the Holiday season or the Valentines Day…but I completely disagree! Red can look fabulous any time of the year.

Evelina Galli

The key is to select the right shade for the right time and for your skin tone. For a man it can be a red tie, red scarf, or even a red cardigan….

What do you think? Are you in the Red State of mind?

Evelina Galli

Total Package or The Benefits of Venturing Out

-Why there are no Restaurants on the Moon?

-Because there is no Atmosphere!

Evelina Galli

I mentioned before about my addictive personality. It definitely applies not only to fashion, but to other things as well, such as Restaurants.

My decision-making strategy about where to eat is simple: depending on which neighborhood of LA I am in, I have my ultimate place to go to and I don’t venture out.

I feel “exploring” new restaurants can be hit or miss and since I don’t have much time, I don’t want to end up at a “miss.”

Well at least that was my thought process until recently…

Evelina Galli

I was at the “Prive” salon in West LA, where amazing hair sculptor Brian Borg was trimming my hair (he actually calls it “dusting off” not trimming… sounds so much better !)

…My later plans included having dinner at “The Little Door” an intimate French-Lebanese place that I became “hooked on” because of my friend. The food is consistently great and there are no unwanted surprises…Well that was my plan, until Brian asked ”You know that the best Italian restaurant in LA is right next door?”

“Seriously Brian?”…“The Best? Right here?”… after realizing that I had already accidentally parked my car at the “Angelini” valet, combined with the degree of starvation I was experiencing , the decision was made in nanoseconds!

Evelina GalliJust like that I diverted my dinner plans from “The Little Door” to the next door and landed at Angelini Osteria.

I have never been to Italy before, but stepping into Angelini was as good as buying a ticket and flying to Italy!

The staff spoke in Italian, the customers were charming, and the colors of the interior were warm and welcoming!

House made black ink pasta with lobster and cherry tomatoes was unbelievable and to compensate me for not having any company, they offered a glass of champagne on the house. The high note was when Venetian tiramisu arrived with a small cup of espresso. The dinner was fantastic from the very first bite of the Ciabatta bread and the Extra Virgin Olive oil delivered from Italy specifically for them.

Only after the dinner I noticed the Zagat rating award/trophy, where it spelled out that Angelini was the best. But the truth is, you did not have to see any Award/trophies to know this was the best. It was not the food or the staff that made this place so special and not the customers or the decor…it was all of the above creating an ATMOSPHERE, a sum that was greater than its parts!

Have you ever discovered a “true” hidden treasure in your neighborhood by chance?