Hate-Mail Virgin…

Since I normally get the kindest and most generous comments, this came as an absolute shock! …My first hate-mail…hopefully the last…

Evelina Galli

this is it:

“Since I am still on my Lenten Journey I am trying to strip everything I ingest down to the absolute bare minimum”

You are so full of ####. You have absolutely no idea of that tradition. Well, maybe the Americanized Armenian Orthodox Church can say such stupidities like “eat less for 50 days and you’re purified” things, but it ain’t so. You’re so egoist person that you can’t see what you’re doing… going to Vegas on a Lente journey, doing this advertizing blogging, saying “Look, I’m on a Holy Trip! I’m ####ing Good!” etc.

You are just using something old and Holy for your own purposes… starbucks green tea, meditating, traveling, acting like a narcissistic ####… oh sweet Jesus ####ing Christ, was this just why you (Jesus) came down to say to Jews that they are lost?


“To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” – Elbert Hubbard (source:uberzombie)

This made me sad at first. I felt that the person who wrote it must have been in a lot of trouble or turbulence in his or her life…

After thinking about this for a bit,  I arrived at just one question: why do some people hate what is different?

My take on this is simple. Don’t we all live on Earth under one roof, so to speak? Don’t we all have blood in our veins? Rephrasing the Shakespeare … Don’t we all have lungs to breathe and hearts to love?

… Love! …That ‘s the essential ingredient that is missing from this letter! I am positive that adding love to our daily life will reduce the unhappiness, the stress and the inner turmoil! I don’t mean Love as “loving a specific person.” I mean letting love in your heart, letting love turn the ignorance into inquisitive wonder. I’m referring to the type of love that makes a hard heart soft and the sun shine on a cloudy day.

It can be as simple as looking lovingly at a beautiful object, a sunrise, a flower …anything that makes you enjoy that second! Because when you experience the emotion of love, that true feeling of loving life just as it is in this exact moment, there is no room or time left for hate.

Evelina GalliSo rather than judge and criticize, let’s embrace our differences. Let’s find love in those things that make us unique, that shape our individual perspectives. Let’s find love in the little pleasures and let’s all start experiencing joy in every aspect of our life. Even in the face of hatred.

Evelina Galli

What do you think?

Street vs. High Fashion

New York Fashion Week  just ended , next is the  line up of the European fashion shows in London, Milan and Paris.  During the Fashion weeks designers will present their latest offerings for the high fashion, while bloggers would capture the street fashions  happening outside the venues .

There is always a separating line between runway fashion and Street Fashion, although some designers are trying to blur it. Professionally I have to always be updated on the newest runway looks, but street fashion has always fascinated and intrigued me. The origins of  the Street Fashion culture come from the Classic American Sportswear, which is always casual , youthful and practical.

Here I am playing around with Collegiate American Sportswear style , which to me can perfectly qualify as a Street Fashion.


So what is your ”cup of tea”?… Street or the Runway fashion?