Men’s Summer Shorts are the Sartorial answer to women’s Yoga Pants.

Men’s Summer Shorts are the Sartorial answer to women’s Yoga Pants.

A lot of times men ask me, what is the men’s sartorial answer to women’s yoga pants that have taken the world by storm?
To dive into that question, one must examine what is the charm of women’s yoga pants and why they went viral ?
Women’s yoga pants are equivalent to Spanx that you can wear outside.They compress and lift in the right places as well as provide versatility and freedom of movement.
You can easily go from working out at the gym to the restaurant with only slight modifications in wardrobe and still keep yoga pants on. (I think from my previous blog post some of you might know about my current “love affair” with yoga pants).
So what would be the men’s fashion answer? I believe they are not another men spandex pants but rather classic American SHORTS!
Shorts provide that casual coolness and comfort for men as yoga pants provide for women…some men even do yoga in shorts (although I am not sure if it is comfortable in that case). They don’t compress and lift the butt, but they are as versatile as yoga pants.
Men can wear shorts to the beach, to the office, to grab a quick bite and to play golf…it’s comfortable and looks chic!
One of my favorite brands is Old Bull Lee from Manhattan Beach California.
They make everything  in California; shorts look stylish and with the highest possible attention to details, which sometimes only the wearer knows.
Since summer season is here and 4th of July is approaching, I thought I’ll mention them for my fashion conscious friends, just in case they want to try on a New Summer Look for their backyard barbeque!

Fresh from the Paris runways!

Thank you all for chiming in with answers to my question “Which fashion decade is your favorite?” A lot of you expressed fascination with 1940’s and 1950’s men’s fashion.

I couldn’t agree more! Interestingly enough, it is right on trend of what is happening currently on Paris Runways.

Look for yourself!

20130301-171451.jpg          20130301-171510.jpg

Big shoulders, generous cuts, elegant silhouettes and luxurious fabrics! These ensembles are a throwback to a time when men were chivalrous, classy was chic and dressing down meant taking your hat off!

Very cool indeed!


Would you like to see men dressing like this in Fall?